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Lawn Care

Spruce up Your Property

- With Our Expert Tree Services -

Wouldn't you like to make every day Arbor Day on your property? Branch out to higher-quality tree services from our Arlington, Texas, professionals for a property that looks like new. LaTour Tree Service's stump grinding and land clearing services, in addition to our tree removal and other tree services, allow for your property's appeal and value to rise above the treetops. Contact us today for more details about how our expert tree services can create a safer, more beautiful property for your family.

Tree Cutting

Stump Grinding

Flatten unruly stumps on your property using our complete stump grinding services. We use a cutting wheel that turns stumps into wood chips, which are then filled into the hole left behind for tree planting or sodding. Stump grinding is the perfect way to get rid of annoying stumps left over from tree removals.

Land Clearing

We can plan out and prepare an area of land so that it's more accessible. Our selective process helps keep your trees healthy while thinning your land to alleviate problems caused by density.

Expert Tree Services Since 2002

Since our inception 7 years ago, LaTour has been improving the look of customers' properties with every visit. Our honest, friendly arborists ensure we meet and exceed your expectations by providing affordable prices, superior service, and excellent results.

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